Richmond, Virginia, USA



Lost Planet Records was born out of necessity and a love of 60s science fiction. A group of working musicians needed a way to release material they had recorded themselves on a tape recorder in their living room. Their goal was to produce something as faithful to the original recordings as possible while maintaining a somewhat nostalgic do-it-yourself aesthetic, harkening back to the days when tapes, records and four-track reigned supreme. The final results, both the product and the creation process itself, proved to be such a rewarding experience that it was decided to carry on as an active recording label.

Lost Planet Records specializes in mobile, analog recordings; we bring professional equipment to your practice space, studio or gig and capture all sounds on tape. This allows for a far more relaxed recording experience in a familiar environment. We offer post-recording services that include mastering, tape duplication, digital file conversion and album design. In addition, we also offer digital-to-analog conversion services for any pre-existing digital recordings.

Please contact us at lostplanetrecordsrva@gmail.com with any proposals or projects we can help you get off the ground!























For reference, the following tracks were recorded using the same equipment and similiar arrangements as Lost Planet Records employs at present.