In 2007, I began to document my solo and collaborative efforts in visual art and recorded sound. This project eventually became known as The Insect Club and it continues today under the same name. Through an ever-changing cast of contributors and mediums, the ultimate goal has remained clear; deconstructing the past to bring about contemporary awareness, reflection and introspection.

The body of work exists within a mystical quarter century vignette of collective human history, stretching between 1950 and 1975; assassins, astronauts, activists, artists, terror cults and sex symbols spread out over a tapestry of domestic, global and cosmic turmoil. The concept of "good versus evil" is commonly depicted between the United States and the Soviet Union in the form of reconstructed and newly fabricated conflicts. People like Gus Grissom, Charles Manson, Bettie Page, Bobby Kennedy and Jerry Rubin become narrators of the newly spun legends. The Space Race, Cuban Missile Crisis and conflicts in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe and at home become ominous backdrops for these scenes to unfold.

The idea of "layering history" through image and sound to ultimately create "new history" is at the heart of each composition, both recorded and on paper. Visual compositions take on an aesthetic approach akin to those of Neoplasticism (De Stijl) and DaDa, coupled with reproducible, seemingly disposable, photographic images. Images are processed to look as if they have been "found" in newspapers or other periodicals. Reappropriation and juxtaposition of imagery is used to disarm more sinister personalities and locations and then reintroduce them either into neutral or questionably positive, yet ironic, environments.




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