The Insect Club's primary focus has remained clear since it's inception; deconstructing the past to bring about contemporary awareness, reflection and introspection.

The idea of "layering history" through sound and image to ultimately create "new history" is at the heart of each composition recorded and made on paper. Audio compositions strive to break new ground while using vintage equipment, anchoring the core sonic qualities in the past while smashing preconceived notions about their potential output. If suitable instruments do not exist to create the sounds we are seeking we construct our own to further pursue these unexplored aural avenues. Visual compositions take on an aesthetic approach akin to those of Neoplasticism (De Stijl), DaDa and Pop Art. Images are processed to look as if they have been "found" in newspapers or other periodicals. Reappropriation and juxtaposition of imagery is used to disarm more sinister personalities and locations and then reintroduce them either into neutral or questionably positive, yet ironic, environments. Our sonic and aesthetic tastes are paired together (and left intact) in the videos The Insect Club produces, all the while using the most accessible, modern means available.



The Insect Club is engaged in an ongoing examination of cultural debris; deconstructing, reinterpreting and reappropriating events, people and places of the past, sometimes juxtaposed with the most immediate elements (and methods) of today, form the basis of both the sonic and tactile bodies of work.



The Insect Club is a performance art collective with a rotating cast of contributors and mediums.

Built atop a strong foundation of experimentalism and the blues, the Insect Club draws on traditional American roots music while incorporating 21st century technologies, eastern motifs and non-traditional usage of equipment.

Improvisation is key in both music and video. Expansion of song and visual forms, extended melodic passages and the willingness to experiment sonically and aesthetically are important in the development and cultivation of ideas.

The Insect Club strives to bridge the gap between the first psychedelic movement and present day with a desire to document and bring awareness to the unheard and unseen.