2014: The Insect Club is engaged in an ongoing examination of cultural debris; deconstructing, reinterpreting and reappropriating events, people and places of the past, sometimes juxtaposed with the most immediate elements (and methods) of today, form the basis of both the sonic and tactile bodies of work.


2007: The Insect Club is a performance art collective with a rotating cast of contributors and mediums.

Built atop a strong foundation of experimentalism and the blues, the Insect Club draws on traditional American roots music while incorporating 21st century technologies, eastern motifs and non-traditional usage of equipment.

Improvisation is key in both music and video. Expansion of song and visual forms, extended melodic passages and the willingness to experiment sonically and aesthetically are important in the development and cultivation of ideas.

The Insect Club strives to bridge the gap between the first psychedelic movement and present day with a desire to document and bring awareness to the unheard and unseen.